Briefs & Texts

Final Major Project & Thesis: fmp-thesis_idc_1516

Interaction Futures & Speculative Design: 1516_MAIDC_Unit_2_1

Physical Computing & Design Prototyping: 1516_MAIDC_Unit_2_2

Collaborative Unit: 1516_MAIDC_Unit_2_3

Brief: Theories & Technologies of Interaction Design: B1_MAIDC_1516

Unit Brief: Research Practice & Human Centred Design: B2_MAIDC_1516


Texts 2015/16

Seminar 2.1

Design and the construction of Publics



Seminar 2.2

Beyond Radical Design

Modes of Criticism 1_Scan1


Seminar 2.3

Notes on Extinction, Emergence and Biochemical Design

The Black Stack


Interaction Futures & Speculative Design

Beyond Radical Design



Seminar 3: Imaginary [Present] & Theories of Control

borges tloen

borges on the exactitude of science

Seminar 2: Remix Culture


benjamin-work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction

The aura of the digital

Copy Parikka


Seminar 1: The Changing Role of the Designer


The radio as an apparatus of communication

Capturing Web 2 before its disappearance

Desigining our own graves

Revisiting the Avantgarde

Orchestral Manoeuvres in Design

Design PArticipation Tactics


Texts 2014/15

M. De-Certeau – Walking in the City (excerpt)

A. Dunne – Hertzian Tales (excerpt)

V. Flusser – flusser_the_non thing (excerpt)