14th Participatory Design Conference “PD in an era of participation”

14th Participatory Design Conference “PD in an era of participation”

15-19th of August / Aarhus, Denmark

For info and registration http://pdc2016.org/

(Early bird registration 26th of June)

PDC brings together a multidisciplinary and international group of researchers and practitioners from multiple fields encompassing a wide range of issues that emerge around cooperative design.

This year PDC features 14 workshops and a wide variety of relevant topics.

DL for registration and/or sending contributions is 1st of July

LW1: Exploring Embodied Speculation  in Participatory Design and Innovation

Website: http://studiolab.ide.tudelft.nl/studiolab/embodied-speculation

LW2: Who is it that participates? Exploring an intentional and dialogical self-concept for emancipatory participatory design

Website: https://pdc2016selfconcept.wordpress.com

LW3: Hybrid games for stronger neighborhoods: connecting residents and urban objects to deepen the sense of place

Website: http://leimertphonecompany.net/workshop-pdc16/

EW1: Migration of a sharing platform from Copenhagen to Aarhus – a live exploration of how social innovations may travel

Website: http://itu.dk/people/erig/GTWSPDC2016/

EW2: Ting: Making publics through provocation, conflict and appropriation.

Website: http://performingthecommon.se/ting/

EW3: Collaboratively Articulating “Urban” Participatory Design?!


EW4: The Clothes Line Approach to Notions in Participatory Design


EW5: Participatory Design and Public Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector

Website: https://www.aakb.dk/workshop-at-pdc-2016

EW6: Open for Citizens / Open data

Website: http://open4citizens.eu/?page_id=436

EW7: Writing Participatory Design – A Workshop on Interpreting, Accounting and Novel Forms of Reporting

Website: https://writingpd.wordpress.com

EW8: Empowering people with impairments: How participatory methods can inform the design of empowering artifacts

Website: https://igw.tuwien.ac.at/pdc16-empowering/

EW9: Of Kittens and Kiddies: reflections on participatory design with small animals and small humans

Website: https://kittensandkids.wordpress.com

EW10: Exploring Theater of the Oppressed for Participatory Design

Website: http://experientialdesigning.wordpress.com

EW11: Participatory Design in Health Care – Participation, power and knowledge

Website: http://cimt.dk/workshop-participation-power-knowledge-pdc2016/