Job Opportunity: new full-time UX consultant for City Interaction Lab

The City Interaction Lab, a UX consultancy based with the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design at City University London are looking for a new full-time UX consultant to work on commercial projects. Whilst we have a lot of graduates from our MSc course I’d like to cast the net wider to get applicants with different skills and experiences.

 The role holder will work on the CASTS project, which is an exciting EU-funded project in collaboration with Capital Enterprise (CE), Greater London Authority (GLA) and University College London (UCL) to strengthen the growth environment for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in London. The post holder will provide advanced digital facility and UX consultancy services to tech companies in London, and develop new services targeted at SMEs in London to implement and evaluate world class technology/products. This will include conducting user research and usability evaluations and designing interfaces.

 Details on the role are available online The application deadline is 19 June 2016