Going towards the Soft + Tangible with Computing – Workshop with Emilie Giles

This is a workshop with artist and educator Emilie Giles being held at LCC for MA Interaction Design Communication students on Wednesday 22nd June. Sign up by emailing Nicolas. Description of workshop from Emilie here:

A beginner’s workshop to e-textiles (electronic textiles) and open source tools, participations will learn how to make touch based sensors which can be used with Arduino to trigger outputs such as light or sound. We will also explore how to make a soft circuit using conductive thread and how to integrate hardware and components within it for interaction.

Emilie Giles is an artist, producer and educator, her work spanning creative technology, crafting and pervasive gaming. She is a Ph.D. student at The Open University exploring how e-textiles can be used as interactive tangible tools for blind and visually impaired people. She is also Head of Outreach and Participation at Codasign, an education company which teaches people how to be creative with open source tools in museums and art galleries.